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Winter is fun when you have the right gear. Our Norwegian felted wool boots have been a favorite of dog mushers for years, but the high traction soles, light weight, and flexible uppers make them an excellent choice for kicksledding as well.

Cold feet won't get in your way
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After Skiing $114.95

The model "After Skiing" is a shoe / slipper with a sturdy sole that is suitable to use both in house and outside. With the Nesnalobbens well-known properties in terms of heat, you're sure to keep your feet good and warm. Woolen felt with fur inside makes it comfortable and the soles are solid. These shoes have normal soles (different from the Nesnalobben below) so there is a right and left shoe.

Nesnalobben original VOKSEN $119.95

The famous Norwegian winter shoes that have warmed many feet for many years. Made of felted wool and has a sole that sits well on snowy roads. This is footwear that is ideal in cold and snow. They are very light so you feel like not wearing shoes at all. Both shoes are equal, there is no right and left shoe, but will soften and adjust to your foot after a break-in period. Attention! Buy 2-3 sizes higher than you use in other shoes to allow for extra wool socks. 

Røroslabben $139.95

Røroslabben is a lightweight shoe of wool felt and fluffy lining of 50% cotton and 50% synthetic inside. The shoes should be sprayed with waterproofing for fabrics before use and otherwise from time to time. This makes them a little more water repellent, but they are still not suitable for use in slush and wet conditions. These shoes have normal soles (different from the Nesnalobben above) so there is a right and left shoe.

Femundlabben pair.jpg
Femundlabben $179.95

A boot designed specifically for dog mushers. As warm as the famous Polarlobben, but the shoes have a round upper toe for a better fit inside overboots, reinforcing leather at the bottom of the sole, and a "closed" front so that the tongue does not turn out to the side, preventing snow from entering the shoe. Solid wool felt with slick lining on the inside. Femundlabben has Femund Race logo on the outside of shoes and ribbons with dog paws!

For dog mushers and others that want to have several pairs of wool socks inside, we recommend to order at least 3 sizes higher.

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