Traditional northern travel

Kicksledding is well suited for fitness training or just getting around outside in winter. Motion is created by ”kicking” oneself forward as if on a scooter with skis. Bare ice or packed snow serve as the best surfaces for travel.

Sustainably-crafted in Finland

Esla-brand kicksleds' wooden components are produced from renewably-sourced Finnish birch. The runners are built from spring steel, which is specially produced for kicksleds. This spring steel is produced from recycled steel, which comes from such things as recycled cars. The powder coating on some metal components does not contain anything which may be harmful to the environment.

Choose your color, choose your size

Our kicksleds are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Check the sizing chart to get started, but nothing beats an in-store fitting. Muksu toddler models are only available in pink and blue. 

Muksu pink

Muksu blue







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