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the whole enchilada

This list is merely my suggestion from decades of transcontinental touring, expedition style wilderness travel, sub 48 hr bikepack, commuting, etc..

If you are familiar with bike packing, winter camping, fat biking and generally taking care of yourself comfortably outdoors for more than a day, then this entire list may be optional!


● fat bike w/ studded 4” - 5” tires, fork cages, front and/or rear racks - optional if using frame mounted bags

● handlebar bag, seat bag, frame bag, panniers - back packs not recommended

● front and rear lights - USB chargeable I find last longer, and are lighter


● <15° down or synthetic sleeping bag

● sleeping bag liner - helps you stay comfortable and warmer

● ensolite, closed cell foam, aka Ridge Rest pads

● insulated inflatable sleeping/ ground pad - these generally have an R factor increasing insulation and warmth

● bivy sack, 1-2 person ultralight tent, Black Diamond or Hyperlite Mid’s, quinzee for the industrious, tarp, ... personal preference


● down or synthetic parka - eg. Patagonia D.A.S. parka - for camp and rests

● down or synthetic midweight jacket or hoody

● wool or synthetic sweater, zip-t, hoody - something lightweight but warm. I’m very fond of cashmere; light, warm, strong, odor free, and spendy

● soft shell outer pants and jacket for cycling

● fleece or puffy pants - for camp

● wool or synthetic base layers

● wool or synthetic sock liners

● wool blend winter socks - ski socks are great; warm, knee high for added warmth

● thick wool blend socks - for camp

● winter bike shoes or boots

● gators (optional)

● camp mocs - felted wool, Steger, collapsible and warm

● winter/ cool weather bike mitts/ gloves

● lightweight glove liners

● wool or synthetic beanie

● bike helmet, or ski helmet and goggles

-personal goods-

● hygiene kit; toothpaste/ brush, meds, hygiene products - no need for the beauty kind

● cook kit, stove, fuel, utensils - there may be a fire grate for cooking as well

● collapsible saw (SVEN), hatchet, puuko, collapsible avalanche shovel

● lighters, matches, fire starter

● bike repair kit: air pump and/or co2 cartridges w/ presta/ schrader valve chuck, multi-tool, tire irons, patch kit

● nalgene with insulated parka, insulated bike bottle

● tech items: fully charged smartphone, camera, navigation device ie, GARMIN,

● food, snacks, drinks - see food


● mre’s, backpacker meal packs, grocery store instant meals and sides

● packed tuna/ chicken, salami, cheese, jerky, dried fruit

● food bomb for fire: brat, onion and potato wedges, chopped carrot, 3 garlic cloves seasoning all wrapped in foil tucked into a ziplock

● probar, clif, poptarts, fig bars, whatever trail snacks you like bring them

● oatmeal, pancake mix, granola, bacon/ sausage, butter, nut butter

● coffee, hot cocoa, tea


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