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Guidelines for Group Rides

Riding with other folks is fun! Group rides can be a great opportunity to meet like minded individuals, challenge yourself while riding, and to hold yourself accountable for regular rides. Below are some basic rules of the road to help ensure everyone has a great time.

Follow basic traffic laws

  • Stop at traffic lights and signs, yield to pedestrians on foot, ride single-file when appropriate (like busy roads and blind corners). Always yield to crossing traffic. Use hand signals and gestures and words to communicate with motorists and fellow cyclists. Ride single file or at most two people side by side.

Communicate hazards

  • If you see a pothole or glass point to it and yell to others! If you're in the back of the line and a car is approaching yell "car back". If there is glass or debris in the road, stick your hand out and shake your fingers. Communication is your best friend! Verbal communication such as "slowing" and "stopping" can be helpful when riding close together. Be mindful of other riders when swerving or stopping to avoid obstacles. Make sure you are familiar with common hand signals.

Pass on the left, stay to the right

  • Another basic traffic law- always pass on the left. When approaching another cyclist or a walking pedestrian from behind yell "on your left" before passing. When riding, try to stay as far to the right that any lane allows you to be. That will not only help keep you safe but will allow other riders to easily pass on the left if needed.

Try to maintain a steady pace

  • Even riding is a good skill to work on so you are predictable to other riders. Talk as a group before riding to determine the riding style and how much spacing is expected to be between riders.

Know how to fix a flat & bring supplies

  • Send us a message if you need help learning how to fix a flat or if you need supplies! We'll have air pumps available at the shop and at the trailhead for group rides.

Be mindful of other riders

  • Remember there is someone behind you before you go spit that loogie out! If you need to stop, take yourself and your bike completely off the trail.


BikeMN is a great resource of information. Click here to see a detailed rules of road cycling with helpful pictures on different riding scenarios.

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